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The number one app for managing and growing your e-commerce store.

e-commerce analytics report for profit calculation
Snapshots of the minnow e-commerce analytics app. Learn, grow, and understand your business like never before.

Everything you need in one place

Minnow helps you to manage nearly every aspect of your online store, all in one app.

Minnow integrates with your sales platforms, such as Shopify and amazon.

Integrate with your favorite e-commerce apps

Never miss a thing

Automatically set up alerts for low inventory, new sales, and other KPI's

Simple Reports

Easy to understand for everyone

Inventory tracking

Keep track of inventory across multiple platforms

Product Management

Know exactly what is selling where from your phone!

Understand your data

Know exactly where you should be to keep your business alive

Don't just start your business, grow it

Minnow aims to help you with all aspects of managing your e-commerce business. From sales performance to inventory management, we have you covered.

Woman managing e-commerce business
Various e-commerce platform connections are allowed, such as Amazon and Shopify.
Example of Shopify store breakdown to show profit from that store.

See the whole picture for your business

Minnow shows you your profit broken down by product and by platform so you know how your business is really performing at all times.


Understand your data and set goals

Understanding your data and setting goals is a key part to keeping your business alive. With our help anyone can run their business like a pro and have fun while doing it.

Minnow helps you to understand your data. Know what is good, better, or best for your e-commerce business.
Create a goal for your e-commerce store's KPI's and grow faster than ever before.
Triangle behind a mountain range made with structural grid like texture
Triangle behind a mountain range made with structural grid like texture
Woman working on laptop trying to understand e-commerce analytics.Female managing her inventory for her e-commerce business.

We Love and Support Small Business

Our mission and purpose is rooted in helping small businesses and first time entrepreneurs getting the help that they need to keep their business thriving.

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