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Easily calculate your profit, cut costs, and manage your business like a pro.

Everything you need to be successful.

Calculate your profit in seconds.

Connect multiple sales channels to minnow to aggregate all of your data.

Connect everything in one place.

Make the right decisions to stay in business.

Built with your business in mind.

Spend more time doing what you love.

Say goodbye to spending hours trying to keep track of your business in a spreadsheet.

Your net profit, simplified.

Quickly see an overview of your revenue, expenses, and profit to gain insights into how your business is performing.

Show your net profit with Minnow e-commerce analytics.

We believe data should be accessible for all businesses, no matter their size. That is why we have pricing plans to match your businesses needs. No matter how small.

Know which sales channel is best.

Quickly see your profit by sales channel to compare which ones have the best return on investment for your business.

Show your profit by sales channel with Minnow e-commerce analytics.

Know how much you make on every order.

We show you your net profit on ever order that comes through your store.

Show your profit by order with Minnow e-commerce analytics.

Know which products are most profitable.

We calculate your profit at the product level to help you know which products to sell more and which ones to optimize.

Show your profit by product with minnow.

Easily keep track of your cost of goods.

See exactly how much each product is costing you and factor it into your sales to calculate your net profit.

Your online business at a glance.

Quickly see all of the key metrics for your business and drill in to gain deeper insights.

An intuitive dashboard helps you to see all of your data in seconds.

Never miss an order.

With real time sales data from all of your sales channels you never have to guess which orders still need to be fullfilled.

Keep track of all your orders with Minnow.

With more features coming soon!

We have big plans to launch some amazing new things coming soon! Stayed tuned for updates.

More integrations coming soon.
More integrations

Integrate with your favorite e-commerce apps.

One-on-one business coaching

Automatically set up alerts for low inventory, new sales, and other KPI's.

Goal tracking

Set and achieve more than you have ever imagined.

Soon you will be able to set and track goals within the app.
Inventory tracking

Keep track of inventory across multiple platforms.

Product management

Sync listings and pricing between multiple platforms.

Data insights

Know exactly where you should be to keep your business alive.

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